Friday, February 27, 2009

Personal Dilemma

So I'm publicly admitting (and proudly) that I'm a breastfeeding Mom. Little Ella took to it awesome. I love the bonding experience. I love knowing I'm giving her the best nourishment possible.

With that being said...she WON'T take a bottle-not from me, not from anyone. I can't leave her side for more than 2 hours. I left her with Rich the other day and she SCREAMED for an hour. A date with the hubby can't be more than 2 hours. I was hoping to introduce formula so someone ELSE could feed her.

I'm looking for some advice here.
I've tried Dr Brown's bottles and Playtex Nursers with drop in liners.
What sippy cup should I try with her? I know that time is coming also!
What experience do you have on weaning?

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Heliotrope Tree House said...

I know it sounds harsh, but I just switched one feeding per day at a time. My daughter would protest, but eventually, she realized it was the bottle or nothing and she gave it a try. I switched over one bottle for the morning feeding. I didn't want to upset her in the evening. We worked up to the full switch gradually. Once you get her to take one, you are home free. Keep trying. You'll get there.