Sunday, April 5, 2009

Got a New Target opening nearby? Go Find some GREAT deals

I love me some deals! We had a Target open almost around the corner from our house. I was giddy with excitement JUST over that!
Once we went wandering through the aisles, there were deals galore to be had ASIDE from the normal weekly sale deals.

NEW STORE SPECIALS is what they're tagged as and the signage is blue and white.
These special prices ran for about a MONTH to 6 weeks after the store opened (our are running till April 13 for the Winder GA Target).

From what I recall and some of what we'll be stocking up on:
Market Pantry version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal $0.99 a box
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (cheddar cheese flavor only) $1 a bag
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (chocolate chip only) $1.25 a box
24 pack of Market Pantry water $2.00
Pop-Tarts (frosted strawberry flavor only) $0.99 a box (8)
Archer Farms Sea Salt & Vinegar chips $1.50 a bag
Market Pantry Fruit Snacks (mixed fruit flavor only) $1.36 a box
Kraft Mac N Cheese $0.39 a box! (cheapest I've seen is $0.50 a box!)
Del Monte canned cut green beans and kernel corn $0.37 a can (I think)
Del Monte Canned Pineapple Chunks forgot price!
Box of Luvs diapers $17.99 (pretty sure that was the price on the end cap)

CATALINA STORE COUPONS: we've gotten $1.00 off any Market Pantry item (got a box of fruit snacks for $0.36 the other day!!!), $5 Off $75, and $1.00 off Any Archer Farms product.

We're headed back tonight to do some shopping so I may update the list.

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