Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our BIG Adventure

We'll be embarking on our biggest adventure yet in a week.

While the husband and I LOVE a good road trip....we've only done 1 with offspring.
And that was when our oldest was only 6 months old. That was 3 years ago and she was our ONLY child.

Now we have 3 babies. It's the only way for us to travel to New York.
No one up there has a car big enough to hold all of us!

So now I need YOUR help. I'm looking for things to keep the wee ones busy
(something OTHER than the DVD player).

Thanks...and wish me luck. I'm hoping I don't go criminally insane!

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Little Birdie Secrets said...

A road trip sounds so fun!

Here are my thoughts:

1. For the older kiddo, roadside bingo. You could make up a cute board with pictures and play with her. Just look for fun pictures and clip art.
2. Stock up on fun kid CD's from the library. They have such a good selection sometimes and it would be fun to sing new songs together.
3. If your kiddos have a special doll or toy, you could make a photo journal. Stop at interesting and maybe not so interesting places (rest stops) but always take a cute picture with the toy/doll/whatever at the stop to help have a visual map of your trip. At the end you can have a cute book about doll/toy/etc.'s magical journey to NY.
4. Finger foods. My little baby girl loves to snack and if it small and takes a long time to eat the better for me. Cheerios one at a time and such.
5. Stock up on wet wipes. :)
6. If you don't have a car garbage can you can make a reusable one to have a place to put all those wrappers, wipes, or whatever in them.

I know a lot of my friends that travel with little ones drive at night. The kids sleep through it. That is how they survived :)

Hope some of this is helpful. Have a wonderful and safe trip!!!