Friday, December 4, 2009

El Cheapo Christmas Decorations (Snow Garland)!

Want some cute decorations on the cheap (FREE actually)?
Want to be green and recycle?
Well have I got a project for you!

Take a box full of packing peanuts....

String them onto beading wire (string, fishing line, whatever you got!)
Yes, that's my 4 year old holding the needle...such tiny hands!

You get a garland that looks like this....

And WA-LA! this Georgia Christmas tree (which we've had for 5 years and only cost us $20 at Home Depot!) has "Snow" garland!


The Royal Family said...

where did you get thoes packing peanuts.

I like that kind and cant find them!

Hey also your shop is 50% off today are the prices refunded or marked or what?

thanks, Brandy

Shana said...

we got those peanuts in a box shipped to us.

My Etsy store is take 50% off the prices shown and I'll refund the money to you or I can send a revised invoice.