Monday, December 1, 2008

Tis The Season...

Here we are once again....Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas & Chanukah are upon us. Tis the season where I get royally homesick and down on myself.
One would think that 4 1/2 years after moving away, you wouldn't miss it all that much, but I do. I miss stopping by my best friends house just to chat and hang out. I miss running random errands with my sister. I hate that I moved away just as we were growing closer and closer after being so distant as teenagers and young adults. Just a teeny part of me is mad at my husband for moving me down here, away from the few things that made me happy. Now all I have are my husband and kids to make me happy. I hardly have time to keep up a hobby of any sort. I'm tired from morning till night.

It breaks my heart that my dad, stepmom, and sister are missing out on my kids growing up. All the silly little things they do that make me laugh and cry, they will never know. I really wish I had some more family here...someone to spend time with, laugh with, cry with, learn with. I've finally realized how my dad can be such a great friend yet I hardly have time to speak with him.

It's awfully hard to remember that moving to Georgia was a good thing sometimes. I know that if we had stayed in NY, I certainly wouldn't have 3 kids, heck, we may have only had 1. I get the wonderful opportunity to stay home and raise my babies BECAUSE we left NY. But, still....there are times that I really wish I was back up there.

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Anna said...

oh Shana, we miss you too!
We were just considering packing everyone up and moving down south so I could stay home and not have to go back in September, but I just don't have the willpower, you're a strong woman!