Friday, July 10, 2009

Give Me Your Best Shot #9 - Fireworks!

It's FRIDAY! Time for the Give Me Your Best Shot blog carnival with Lolli over at Better in Bulk.

Like Lolli, I did not take a lot of pictures this week. The kids were very uncooperative (full moon anyone?) and I had to deal with 2 killer sinus headaches this week.

This was my first venture photographing fireworks with my D40.



Christy said...

I love fireworks photos and this is beautiful! I envy your

sarah m said...

Very impressive!! I tried to photograph some fireworks but didn't quite have this kind of luck. :(

The Royal Family said...

Love it! I almost posted a similar one... Fireworks are too fun!

Come check mine out, and enter my giveaway!

The Buzz, Brandy

Awdrey said...

LOVE this firework shot. I gave an attempt but nothing came out great for me. Oh, I just notice the mailbox silhouette, COOL!

Lolli said...

Awesome fireworks picture! I was really hoping to get some this year, but we were too far away with a pole in the way. Didn't work out.. :(

Mindy said...

Great shot! I always enjoy looking at fireworks photos.. thanks for sharing!