Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Is It....? Wednesday!

I'm starting my own blog Carnival and I'm calling it "Why Is It...? Wednesday".

Why is it HE can sit on his porcelain throne WITH his iPhone for 20 minutes, play with said phone, use the toilet paper that is PERCHED on top of the toilet paper holder but HE cannot take the roller out and out said toilet paper ON the roller?

I am truly perplexed.

Join in with your "Why Is It....?"


Amy said...

This is a cool idea. I saw your ribbon clips on the buzz coupon site. What talent you have...

The Royal Family said...

So glad people are checking our your blog too!
I posted my opinion on teh bzz campagin for the lipstain if you want to read it for your bzz report.

:) thanks!

p.s. I love joining these carnivals. Good idea, too bad I missed it!