Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday My Son

My Son....two words I never thought I'd get to say.

Paul. A name I didn't think would bless this family after my beloved grandfather passed away.

My Son, Paul. A love I never knew existed. It started back in the fall of 2006 after we found out we were pregnant again. I secretly wished, hoped, and prayed it was a boy so that we would have one of each because we were only planning on 2 children (that's another story).

On January 5 2007 we found out it was a boy. I knew that his name HAD to be Paul. Named for one of his great-grandfathers on either side, our son now had a name, Paul Edward. We anxiously awaited june to come so we could meet him.

Paul's entrance into this world didn't go as smoothly as possible, but he made it. Our sweet baby boy was born on June 14th. We adored him instantly.

The first 6 months were THE worst. He was colic, he didn't sleep, all he did was cry and nothing consoled him. The day he turned 8 months old he SLEPT. I can't remember if it was just a 5 hour stretch or all night, but it was THE best Valentine's gift EVER. And then everything changed. He became this sweet and squishable baby. I feel so guilty for not loving him more during this difficult time.

Today he turns 2. I sit here laughing at him dancing and marching around the house. HE sits in the dog cage pretending it's a car and tells me he's going on a trip.

I sit here with tears in my eyes because I just love him SO much. I love how he grabs my head and plants a kiss on my cheek for no reason at all. I love how he asks where Daddy is, and when I tell him "at work" he responds with "STAY!" He wants daddy to stay home. I love how he walks around with a book under his arm saying "read, read". Then he crawls into a lap to read the book. I love how he helps me unload the dishwasher and with each single dish he takes out, he says "Mama" alerting me that he has a dish for me to put away.

There are no words I can think of that describe how much I love ,adore, and cherish my son.
My one and only son Paul.
Happy 2nd birthday my little man. You are loved more than you could possibly imagine!

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